• Modelo: De pressão com amplificador digital

Visão geral

Press-on strain sensors measures the surface-strain directly at the mounting location, similar to bonded strain gages.

The integrated high grade digital amplifier type 268 amplifies the signal on the spot, avoiding EMC problems.

The SB76 presses strain gages under the stainless protective foil that strongly onto the surface to be measured that friction replaces the bonding normally used to fix strain gages.

The mounting is very fast and the strain gage is protected.

The sensor can not be overloaded.

The sensors do not need to be recalibrated once they have been replaced or remounted.

They need a cyclical reset (for cycles >5min.).

Our amplifier can handle the occuring large offset range.


  • With high grade variable digital amplifier 268 (active)
  • Direct surface strain reading like bonded strain gages, high linearity on tension and compression
  • For dynamic applications
  • Used on presses, injection moulding and die-casting machines
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • Protected against overload

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